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The Whistleblower Act entered into force on 17 December 2021 and requires, among other things, that whistleblower formular must be established in all private and public workplaces with 50 or more employees. A medium-sized workplace such as Hytek A/S must have established a whistleblower formular no later than 17 December 2023.

A whistleblower is a natural person who reports or publicly discloses information about breaches to which the person has gained access in the course of his or her work-related activities.

Hytek A/S’ whistleblower formular, which enables employees, former employees, customers, suppliers and business partners to report suspicions of illegal or unethical behaviour in Hytek A/S, e.g.: suspicion of financial crime, bribery, corruption, violation of competition law or the environment and climate legal requirements, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

The whistleblower formular can only be used to report serious matters or suspicions thereof, including actions that may damage Hytek A/S’ business or reputation.

Employees cannot report matters related to terms of employment, working environment, etc. via the whistleblower formular, but must report these to management or HR, unless the matter is exceptionally serious or for special reasons cannot be reported via the normal channels.

Complaints from customers regarding Hytek A/S’ deliveries cannot be reported via the whistleblower scheme. This type of complaint must be reported to the customer’s usual contact person or CEO at Hytek A/S.

Reports can be made anonymously or non-anonymously and will be treated confidentially. Hytek A/S prefers that the person making a report provides his name and other contact details, so that it is possible to return with further questions if needed.


Reports can be made by mail to: whistleblower@hytek.dk or by letter to:

Hytek A/S, Virkelystvej 6, DK-9870 Sindal Att. Chairman of the Board Laurits Brandt Andersen – or att. The Deputy Chairman Jens Andersen, if the inquiry should concern the Chairman of the Board. LABEL THE ENVELOPE “CONFIDENTIAL”

Confidential personal data may not be sent by e-mail, as these must not be sent unencrypted via the open internet. Reports with confidential personal data may therefore only be made by post.

In order to allow for thorough investigation of all reports, reports are encouraged to be identified and described in as much detail as possible. For this purpose, there is a reporting form on Hytek A/S’ website, which can be used (see the form below)

Receipt and investigation of reports

All reports made as instructed above are sent directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, without anyone else being given access to them before the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board of Directors will thoroughly investigate all reports and initiate any necessary action. All reports are treated confidentially.

Depending on the content of the individual report, the Chairman of the Board of Directors may decide to involve the management of Hytek A/S or external advisors, such as the company’s lawyer or auditor.

If the report concerns the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the report must be sent by post to the Deputy Chairman. All reports to the Vice-President shall also be sent directly to the Vice-Chairperson, without any access to them by others before the Vice-President.

Retaliation or abuse of the whistleblower formular.

Hytek A/S does not tolerate any form of retaliation or punishment of persons who report a matter in good faith via the whistleblower formular.

Persons who experience retaliation for reporting a matter or participating in an investigation are encouraged to report this immediately via the whistleblower formular. Such reports will be investigated confidentially.

Any abuse of the whistleblower formular and any false reports made knowingly and in bad faith will be sanctioned appropriately.

The whistleblower formular has been approved by the Board of Directors on 17. August 2023.

Reporting form below

Here you can find the questions that we – as far as possible – would like answers to in connection with a report in the whistleblower formular.

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