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Hytek A/S offers product development and solves design and construction tasks of all kinds. We do not let ourselves limit but believe that all tasks can be solved. Our engineers are experts in realizing customers’ visions, and their solutions are concrete proof that most things can be done at Hytek.

Our engineers are available when it comes to:


In Hytek, we have developed an offshore oil filtration system specifically designed for underwater robots, ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). An ROV has a hydraulic system for maneuvering and operating its robotic arms. An ROV therefore contains a lot of hydraulic oil.

Due to the extreme water pressure to which the ROV is exposed, the salt water will, over time, penetrate into the ROV hydraulics and contaminate the oil. The ROV is therefore regularly serviced to ensure stable operation under the difficult conditions.

Hytek’s filtration plant enables the recycling of the oil in the ROV by removing water, salt particles and other contaminants. Oil is drawn from the ROV into the plant, where water and salt particles are removed, after which the oil is pumped back into the ROV. Since most hydraulic problems are caused by contaminated oil, can the filtration plant ensure the safe operation of the ROV and at the same time it is oil-saving for the benefit of both economy and the environment.


The Swedish navy needed new cranes for their minesweepers. Some types of sea mines are activated by the magnetic field from a ship’s steel hull and explodes. It is therefore important that the minesweepers magnetic signature is as low as possible, by using as much non-magnetic materials as possible onboard.

Therefore the Swedish navy specified a crane made from non-magnetic materials. The typical marine crane is made from – steel – which is magnetic.

This was a big challenge, to find anyone who dared to take on the task. Hytek A/S took up the challenge, even though it was not straightforward. The solution required new thinking for how to build a crane without using ordinary steel?

The immediate solution – stainless steel – would make the crane too heavy for the purpose. We therefore used the design from a standard TOIMIL marine crane and manufactured a new version with parts – in titanium.

The project was successful, the crane was tested according to the DNV standards for offshore cranes, and was also approved for man-lifting.


Willow trees are a fast-growing tree species that can grow up to 8-10 meters in just three years. The same tree can be harvested three times at three-year intervals, and willow trees are increasingly used for production of biomass for use in power / heat production.

However, it is not easy to harvest the tall trees and the challenge was to construct a machine that is inexpensive and can effectively harvest willow trees. Our engineers developed a willow harvester, called STEMSTER, that today is in operation in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and France with great success.


In collaboration with one of our major industrial customers, we have developed a special edge cleaning system intended for cleaning the rails to a gantry crane. The gantry crane is used on top of an incinerator plant used for waste disposal. The customer’s wish was to optimize the time consumption between their two overhead cranes so they could work independently and without supervision and staffing and via a PLC control.

The customer’s problem was that a lot of waste consisting of used building materials, plastic packaging, nylon rope and other plastic such as fishing nets, build up on the edge of the two funnels on top of the ovens. The build up of waste hinders the movement of the crane between the two funnels, and edge cutter unit solves this problem.

The system will probably be able to be customized and used for other purposes.

Workshop Crane

Together with several other companies, Hytek A/S was working onboard the vessel Peter Willemoes, for the Royal Danish Navy. A new workshop on the vessel, with an overhead shop crane integrated, was compiled.

The main purpose for the new workshop is to facilitate the maintenance work on the aft CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) air defense cannon on the vessel.

Hytek A/S has developed and delivered the new overhead shop crane, that can be extended from within the workshop, out through a hatch, and reach out over deck, and lift the 350 kg breech mechanism for the air defense cannon.

The breech mechanism is secured to the crane via a special developed lifting yoke. With the loaded lifting yoke fully lifted, and engaged into a slot on the crane, the breech mechanism can safely be lifted into the workshop, and lowered on to the workshop table. The workshop crane is operated electrically by remote control.

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