6. April 1987

The beginning

Way back in 1987, Lars Kærsgaard, together with his son Henrik, started the etablishment of the Sindal company HYTEK. Here they run the company together until 2002.

1. July 2002

Hytek in new hands

Johnny Hauberg takes over Hytek together with his father Per Hauberg on 1 July 2002.  

1. August 2005

1st extended building

Construction of the 1st extended building began.

1. May 2007

Etablisment of Hysom

In 2007 HYTEK was expanding again. This time by a beautiful square building with hall and offices, independently located at Gutenbergvej 10, in the industrial district of Sindal. Here, the HYSUM department was established, managing the Norwegian customers.  

1. January 2009

New canteen and car-park

In 2009, it became necessary to expand with a new and larger canteen for the growing staff, which approached 50 employees. At the same time, a large car-park was established.

1. March 2013

Etablishment of HYSAFE

In 2013, Hysafe & Marine Equipment, located at the Port of Frederikshavn, became the solution to the demand for professional maritime services, products and solutions. The building was placed just beside the upcoming administration at the port, build 1 year later.

27. July 2014

Administration building at the Port

At the Port of Frederikshavn, next to Hysafe, a new administration building was established, with room for both Hytek’s maritime administration and on the top floor the Cralog administration.  

28. July 2023

Expanding of new hall at the port

A little workshop hall becomes a large Machinery. On Hyteks adress at the port we etablished a new hall, with plenty of space around the workstations, and for our handling with often large items. After taking over the company Smede og Maskinværkstedet, they moved in here. Timelapse -Expansion

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