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Expanding with new machinery and office facilities

At the port of Frederikshavn, at the address Knoten 7, we have now finished our new building. Welding and machineshop is moving in.

We now get a bigger and better workshop with plenty of space. Next to the new building, we have restored our office building. Here we become larger and more modern office facilities, canteen, toilets and shower.

Hytek A/S merged with Smede- & Maskinværkstedet, Frederikshavn

Specifically, Hytek A/S takes over the company Smede- & Maskinværkstedet in Frederikshavn and owner John Hermann Dejbjærg is also part of the ownership group of Hytek A/S.

 The Director of Hytek A/S, Johnny Hauberg, says:

“The merger with Smede- & Maskinværkstedet is fully in line with our forward-looking strategy, and both John and I look forward to bringing the merger and the collaboration to action – and thus being able to offer both existing and new customers an even wider range of quality solutions for both the industrial and maritime industry”.

Where Hytek has expert knowledge in hydraulic systems, Smede- & Maskinværkstedet and John Hermann Dejbjærg come with extensive experience in offering customers everything in machining and quality manufacturing of more industrial items in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. In addition to the industrial items, Smede- og Maskinværkstedet, cf. the location in Frederikshavn and the network, also has experience with solutions for the maritime industry.

John will continue to handle and solve the tasks he is used to offering his customers, simply through Hytek A/S, where he will be part of our management of Project Managers.

The machinery of Smede- & Maskinværkstedet’s will soon be transferred  to the Hytek’s projected newbuilding at Knoten 7 Frederikshavn Harbour.

Hytek A/S and UCALSA make agent agreement

Meet Spanish UCALSA – that provides custom metal solutions and offer their customers a complete range of quality watertight/fire rated doors, hatches and other customized marine equipments.
 As cooperation partners, we can lift up the supply of even more specific construction and services of equipment for the maritime industry.

Founded, just one year before Hytek, in 1986 – tells us that we are dealing with an experienced company.
What started out as a small boilermaking workshop for local shipyards has now become, three decades later, the main supplier of structural elements such as doors and hatches for the entire Spanish naval sector. UCALSA has built up a huge modern factory with the latest technology, and employs more than 60 employees.

We are already very happy about the Danish/Spanish cooperation 🤝

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