Hytek A/S has a large and flexible machine park, which we benefit from – both as the main contractor and subcontractor.


Hytek A/S has the capacity and experience to handle large items. Our workshop is designed for the purpose, and we have a crane / truck that, with access directly into the hall, handles collection and delivery to the customer again. Our workshop cranes can handle very large and heavy constructions. There is plenty of space at the welding stations, and we continuously optimize facilities and tools so that our employees have the best and safest working conditions. If there is a need for formats or processes, we do not have at our disposal, we make use of solid, reliable subcontractors so we always provide the best solution at a competitive price.


At Hytek A/S, we are specialists in hydraulics. Our expertise is wide-ranging and includes everything from manufacture of individual components, over tailor-made and customized hydraulic cylinders, to design and construction of advanced hydraulic systems.
Our competencies cover all types of hydraulic systems and include:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Optimization
  • Repair
  • Tests
  • Service and maintenance

Our facilities include a hydraulic test center where we test cylinders, pumps, motors and
transmission systems. The test center is ISO 9001 certified.
Of course, we offer onsite service and make our hydraulic capabilities available all over the world.
In connection with service and repair tasks on hydraulic systems, we of course offer 24-hour service


Our warehouse has a wide range of hydraulic components, such as fittings, gaskets, valves, cylinders, pumps and motors. In addition, we have a large stock of hydraulic hoses and fittings. We can manufacture hoses in many different types and sizes. And we stock a large of variety hydraulic fittings. We have as well a large steel warehouse, where we have a considerable selection of shaft steel (plain/black and stainless) and a stock of chromed piston rods.


We manage high quality constructions for all sectors. In the welding workshop halls, we perform all kinds of constructions and repairs on modern machinery. 
Examples of this are:

  • Welding in construction-steel for buildings.
  • Welding in iron, metal and aluminium
  • Welding of damage to piston rods
  • Cutting, bending and rolling of sheets

We have great product versatility and perform tasks in many different areas and industries, and our well-equipped workshops has, among other things, 2 x 10 ton and 2 x 20 ton overhead cranes.

Our experienced employees have a large expertise, which ensures the best solution to any task, and we have all the necessary welding certificates.


Our machine shop has a complete machine park. We perform both production and repair tasks and the workshop are equipped with both CNC-controlled and manual machines.
We offer all traditional work processes:

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Horizontal drilling work
  • CNC Bed Milling
  • Groove stitching


Our machine shop also performs mobile machining, on site, both on repair tasks and new manufacturing. Frequent we manufacture the tool specifically for each task, but we have a wide range of solutions ready for use.
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