Hytek ROV service unit

At Hytek, we have developed an offshore oil filtration system specifically designed for underwater robots, ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). A ROV has a hydraulic system for maneuvering and operating its robotic arms. ROV’s therefore contains a lot of hydraulic oil.

Due to the extreme water pressure to which the ROV is exposed, the salt water will, over time, penetrate the ROV’s hydraulics and contaminate the oil. The ROV is therefore regularly serviced to ensure stable operation under the difficult operation conditions.

Hytek’s filtration system enables the recycling of the oil in the ROV by removing water, salt particles and other pollutants. Oil is pulled from the ROV into the filtration system, where water and salt particles are removed, after which the oil is pumped back into the ROV. Since most hydraulic problems are caused by contaminated oil, the filtration system can ensure the operation of the ROV and at the same time it is oil-saving for the benefit of both economy and environment.

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